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AMIGO Mobile, LLC Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy describes how we collect, use, disclose, and store your personal information. As we may periodically update this Privacy Policy, you should review this Privacy Policy often for changes

What Types of Information We Collect About You

We collect information from you in order to provide our products and services. Examples of the types of information we collect include:

  • Personal Information.Personal information means information we directly associate with a specific person, for example your name, address or email address.
  • Contact Information.We collect information about you for contact and billing purposes, including your name, address, phone number and email address.
  • Credit and Financial Information:We may collect information about your credit card or banking information and full or partial Social Security Number so we may verify, process and bill for our products and services. A Credit Report may also be collected.
  • Network and Device Information.We may collect information about your use of your device and our network, WiFi usage, and performance information, as well as data relating to your use of our website, applications and other products and services.

How Information About You Is Collected

We collect information about you in three primary ways:

  • Information You Provide.We collect information that you provide when you apply for, purchase, or use our services or products, such as your personal contact and billing information, credit information, or other information you may provide to us.
  • Information We Collect Automatically.We automatically collect a variety of information associated with your use of your device and our products and services, some of which may be associated with you or another user on your account.
  • Information From Other Sources.We may obtain or purchase information about you from other sources, or updated address information from shippers.

How We Use Information We Collect About You

  • We use your information to provide and bill for services and products, to verify your identity, and to send you offers for AMIGO Mobile products and services. We also use information we collect to answer your questions about your account or assist you with troubleshooting.
  • We may also use your information for internal purposes, such as auditing, data analysis, and research to improve our products, services, customer communications and content.
  • We may also use your comments and or emails regarding our services and products for any purpose that benefit AMIGO Mobile. This includes but is not limited to customer testimonials on AMIGO’s website. To protect your privacy only the first name and last name initial will be utilized.
  • We may use your information to personalize services and offers we provide to you.
  • Location Data.We may use information about your location to provide our services or to customize data presented to you.
  • Advertising.You may see advertisements when you visit our websites, mobile websites, in applications, or on your device. We may help advertisers better reach our customers by providing certain customer information, including device type, geographic information, language preferences or demographic information obtained from other companies.

How We Use Information We Collect About You

  • CPNI.We do not sell your name, address or phone number to others outside the AMIGO Mobile corporate family.
  • Transactions.We may provide your information to third-party service providers to process transactions or otherwise provide you service, such as billing companies or shipping services, or when roaming on another carrier’s network.
  • Acquisitions.We may also transfer your information in a corporate business transaction,such as a merger or acquisition.
  • For Legal Process and Protection.We will provide customer information where necessary to comply with the law, such as disclosure of your information to a law enforcement agency for your safety or the safety of others, or when compelled by subpoena or other legal process.
  • Third Party.AMIGO Mobile may employ the services of Third Parties to enhance the customer’s mobile experience for example SMS Gateway Services, ILD Services, and Ready Wireless Solutions, etc. In addition, Independent Sales Organizations are contracted to sell Lifeline services. In order to safeguard the privacy of our customers, AMIGO MOBILE will requires any Third Party or Independent Sales Organizations to consent and sign confidentiality agreements prior to allowing access to customers’ individually identifiable CPNI. AMIGO MOBILE, LLC requires all independent contractors to acknowledge and certify that they may only use CPNI for the purpose for which that information has been provided.
  • Third Party Applications.When you install third party applications on your device, you may consent to third-party access to information from your device or on our network, such as your contact list or location. Third-party application information collection is not covered under our Privacy Policy.

How We Store and Protect the Information Collected About You

  • Protecting Your Information. We use a variety of safeguards to protect the information we collect about you. AMIGO Mobile’s CPNI policy prohibits employees from:
    • Disclosing CPNI protected information.
    • Providing/selling any customer information.
    • Disclosing/discussing CPNI protected information with anyone other than the account holder.
    • Providing unauthorized account access to non-verified callers.
    • Storing CPNI on paper or any electronic device. This includes destroying documentation containing CPNI or PCI used to certify eligibility of Lifeline services.
    • Writing down or otherwise displaying CPNI.
  • Retaining Your Information. We retain information collected about you for only as long as we need such information for business, legal, or tax purposes.

Privacy Policy Updates and Contact Information

  • Policy Changes.We may change this Policy at any time.
  • Check Back Often.You should review this Privacy Policy often for changes.

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